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¢entralized Solutions is a collectivized space where interested parties can contribute and benefit from a wide range of crypto currency related applications and services.

Ethereum Hedge Funds

Explore and capitalize from professionally structured, decentralized finance vaults on the Enzyme protocol.

Tokenized Assets

Diversify your portfolio with any or all of the blockchain tokens under the ¢entralized Solutions umbrella for an optimized increase to exposure.

Affiliate Network

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Ethereum Hedge Funds

Pool Your Assets

Deposit into any of the vaults and share in combined interest and asset appreciation, for an accelerated rate of growth.

Ethereum Hedge Funds

Real Time Tracking

View all of the fund's performance data in real time through the Enzyme protocol dashboard.

Ethereum Hedge Funds

No Penalties

You control your money. Deposit and withdraw from any of the vaults at your discretion and convenience.

Reflected APR

ERC-20 (Ethereum)

The Aave Reflected Annual Percentage Rate vault holds USDC, denominated in AAVE. The combination noted formerly will perform based on the interest yielded by the lending-based factors therein.


ERC-20 (Ethereum)

The Elixir hedge-fund is denominated in Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) to facilitate the easiest path of exchange into other assets, reducing overall waste and cost. The obligatory 13% management fee is set as such, to guarantee the fund structure that will be described next. All fees accrued will be deposited into a NEXO account, from which 75% of the fund 13% fees will be secured in PAX Gold (PAXG) and levered back in to the vault, thus providing a base of backing, utilizing the noted synthetic bullion reserve.

For optimum return, a gestation period of a month minimum would be a reasonable position to assume, though not required.


ERC-20 (Ethereum)

The balMELD (Balancer Mutual Equity Levered Derivatives) vault derives it's name from the investment strategies and structure that support it. Primarily, majority profits will first be deposited into a NEXO account in the form of PAX Gold (PAXG), where it will then be subsequently leveraged, and used to construct a Balancer Pool (BAL). All BAL tokens will be re-invested into the balMELD vault for a secondary layer of growth.


Build Wealth Fast

Take advantage of professional and dedicated services combined with modern fintech infrastructure.

Tokenized Assets

Blockchain Equity

Hold, trade, and speculate with the tokenized shares of the¢entralized Solutions conglomerative operations.




ERC-20 (Polygon)

  • 10,000,000.00 Fixed Supply

  • No Mint

  • No Burn




ERC-20 (Polygon)

  • 12,000,000.00 Fixed Supply

  • No Mint

  • No Burn


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